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Hit and Miss Fencing

This type of fencing is less obtrusive then the close boarded type fence as it has gaps between the boards to let the wind through.

Constructed on site by concreting posts in, nailing rails to the face of the posts and then boarding the face of the rails using boards nailed at the required distance, this fence can lend itself to changes in ground level through its ability to follow changes in levels.

When it is double boarded it will offer a good degree of privacy.

  • Stocked board heights 1800mm high x 100 x 22mm

  • Stocked standard rails 2700 x 75 x 50mm

  • Standard Posts start from 1500mm and increase in height in 300mm increments to 3600mm (see timber for prices)

  • All timber is pressure treated green


Round top pale fencing, made using 75 x 22mm round topped boards or pointed topped boards offers an alternative look to the fencing.

Round Top Pale Fencing