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Timber Info


Important Information on Natural Timber Products


Timber is a natural product and as such is susceptible to changes in the seasons.

Cracks, shakes and fissures may occur as timber dries – this is a natural process and does not affect the overall strength and durability of the timber and should not be viewed as a flaw (See picture below).

During this process it may also cause some twisting and distortion of the timbers, these are impossible to predict during the manufacturing process and again will not affect the strength and durability of the timbers.

The timber will change colour over time and may also contain knots and knot holes – these naturally occur in all timbers.


Wherever possible pressure treated timber is used in our fencing products, we source our timber from reputable suppliers who pressure treat timbers to the relevant British Standard. In most cases this should provide approximately 8-10 years of service life depending on ground conditions.


It is beyond our control as to how long a piece of timber will last and perform during it’s service life and as such we cannot be held accountable for this.


We are unable to rectify any movement in gates as this is a natural occurrence caused by climatic change affecting natural timber products.


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Courtyard Gate Information


Click on the link below for advise on how to treat your Courtyard gates and help get the best out of them for years to come.


brochure-download Courtyard Gate Treatment Guide