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Wild Bird Feed and Accessories

We stock a wide range of wild bird feed and feeders including peanuts, seed, sunflower seeds and kernels in quantities from 2kg up to 25kg. To complement these we also stock fat balls, mealworms and suet trays.

Code Description Price
NUT1 Peanuts 1kg £2.80+VAT
NUT25 Peanuts 25kg £35.00 ZR
WILDS2 Wild bird seed supreme 2kg £3.25+VAT
WILDS Wild bird seed supreme 20kg £17.99 ZR
WILD2 Wild bird seed classic 2kg £2.35 +VAT
WILD20 Wild bird seed classic 20kg £13.99 ZR
SUNH2 Sunflower hearts/kernels 2kg £4.75 +VAT
SUNH Sunflower hearts/kernels 20kg £39.50 ZR
BSUNF Black sunflower seeds 20kg £26.99 ZR
NYJER2 Nyjer seed 2kg £5.65 +VAT
NYJER Nyjer seed 12.75kg £25.25 ZR – to order only
FATB Fatball small single 21p +VAT
FATS Fatball large 500g 96p +VAT
MEALW1 Mealworms 1000ml £5.60 +VAT
MEALW Mealworms 500ml £3.05 +VAT
MEALW3 Mealworms 3 ltr £14.00+VAT
HBSF Insect suet tray £1.15 +VAT
WBSTB Berry suet tray £1.15 +VAT
NSF Nyjger seed feeder £2.62 +VAT
SSNH20 Stainless steel nut feeder 20cm £5.50 +VAT
SUNH1 Sunflower heart feeder 12″ £8.00 +VAT
BPF Peanut feeder 7″ £1.75 +VAT
SSSPF30 Peanut feeder 30″ £7.00 +VAT